Yogurt, honey and beauty

Do you feel like all the expensive beauty products do not really work and it is costing you a little too much than its worth? Why should you put something on your skin when you cannot eat it? In most of the cosmetics chemicals are processed, and these chemicals are no good for you nor your skin.

Here is the cheap and natural solution which you can find in your kitchen.

Yogurt makes your skin supple and kills the bacteria and therefore suitable for problem skin. But I think everyone should use it. Apply the yogurt on your face and neck, but leave the skin around your eyes and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water, you will feel the difference right away. After the yogurt you can apply some honey and leave for 10 till 15 minutes. The honey will make your skin soft and the combination with the yogurt is ideal. The yogurt cleans and the honey nurtures your skin.

If you do this once a week you will have a better skin and with a better skin we feel better. Enjoy!

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