Beauty secrets from celebrities

Who would have thought celebrities would enjoy the benefits of nature? People might think that their magnificent appearance is because of expensive products and a series of plastic surgeries but the stars seem to also refer to practical/natural methods. Let's see what natural care recipes they use that makes millions of people envy them.

Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine's grandmother passed on a variety of home remedies that she still uses on a daily basis. To keep that perfect smile, she brushes her teeth with mashed-up strawberries. Strawberries contain Malic Acid, which acts as a mild astringent when mixed with baking soda. To keep her hair healthy looking and shiny, Catherine brushes castor oil through it. Catherine obviously knows her ancient Egyptian history - castor oil was used by the Pharaohs to prevent hair loss.

Julia Roberts

Her favorite celebrity beauty tip concerns her nails. She soaks them in olive oil for a few minutes every week. Olive oil moisturizes your nails without weakening them, and softens your cuticles too. It also prevents "hang nails" that are caused by dry skin.

Sophia Loren

Peel the tomatoes and mash it, add a spoon of honey and olive oil. Leave for one hour. This way your skin acquires resistance to wrinkling and makes your skin glowing.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Suffering from dark eye circles Sarah Jessica Parker massages the area around her eyes with rosehip oil. In addition she drinks 4-5 cups of rosehip tea, Sarah does not throw away the tea bags but applies this on her eyes.

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